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Peter Non

“Peter Non tells real life stories.
Based on true life is the way we collect and pass on emotions.
With Based on true life, Peter Non promotes the free expression of each artist:
the product becomes secondary, while the passion and the interpretation of the individual are what emerge.
The selection is authentic and natural, sometimes we choose, at other times they find us.
In both cases, these are People, People that we like and with which we feel a particular connection.
Through their stories, Peter Non becomes alive and is reborn each time with new forms”


Una coppia vincente,

 Silvia e Max,

un sogno,

oggi un brand:

Peter Non

Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.35.23 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.35.08 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.34.56 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.34.42 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.32.09 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.31.53 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.31.34 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.31.05 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.30.35 Schermata 2015-11-09 alle 23.30.12 peter non

Scarpe speciali fatte da persone speciali

“The distance from the ground, having space on the side, above and below. The complete vision, with a single long glance. Height that is not scary, but gives energy and shakes his mind. The movement, fast or slow, always smooth. A game of strength and balance, where just a moment is required to seize freedom. Become aware of the void, in fulfilment, as an all full. Feeling part of the same dough, light, but dense, until you understand the secret, of happiness: being free, small but unique, and getting lost in peace, in the infinite”


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